SOS Transmission Through Cellular phones to save Accident Victims Seminar

This document SOS Transmission Through Cellular phones to save Accident Victims Seminar describes about an original concept to help users of cellular phone met in an accident. This idea has been developed with considerations of cost and compatibility with this system. The Short Message Service or SMS which is popularly referred is made use of for this purpose.

The Force-Transducer method is the solution offered to detect the victim automatically who is assumed to be unconscious. Based on data collected, the threshold level is set with the experiments.

In this design, a major problem is the technique to detect the victim’s position. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is considered costly so, an unorthodox design is described using Radio Direction Finders (RDF) and beacon signals. The Goniometer or Crossed Loop Antenna is needed for this purpose which reduces cost effectively.

This article proceeds to suggest a view of the robot required to do the Save Our Souls (SOS) message routing task. It has a special hierarchical message dispatch system by which people who are nearby, likely to help, are contacted. This software robot also acts as a proxy to the victim that monitors responses for him.

It provides a cost-effective, high performance system introduced in the market if cellular companies would encourage it. Cellular phones are becoming a menace on the road. It is a major problem for the cellular phone manufacturers. It is a cost-effective foolproof solution.


In case of four wheelers, the system requires the user should connect the transducer to the vehicle. The system deals with a question of life or death is more important so this seem as if taking choice from the user. The system requires detailed surveying to decode the location of a user in polar coordinates to actual position however; it is a one time job. This system does not handle multiple victims at a time so priority is allocated to users depending on the force measured.

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