Spatial Information System for Emergency Btech Seminar

This Spatial Information System for Emergency Btech Seminar describes a method for various Medicare services available. Location Based Services (LBS) is applications which react to the geographical triggers. A geographical trigger may be in the form of any signal produced by a device in regards to any change in physical environment.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the device used to place the geographical co-ordinates. The Geographical Information System (GIS) has ability to integrate spatial co-ordinates with non-spatial attributes.

There are many major metropolitan cities in India having a high population density and its suburban limits are increasing day by day. Though many medical services offered in the metropolitans, most of the people are unaware of its facilities. This is inappropriate in times of emergency.

The main issue is to meet the user’s query on the system and this is done by user friendly interface from the Geo database. The Geo database is created by gathering details of all hospitals and clinics in particular places with the help of a GPS device.

The scope of the work of GIS is to organize an emergency management tool on emergency services through mobile network. It provides details about the facilities present in the hospitals and clinics in the city.

The aim of the project is utilization of GI S and GPS to provide quick response to the request from mobile phones/internet through spatial and non -spatial query processing for emergency medical services, to develop a road network and emergency service, and to develop a semi-automated system for emergency management of metropolitan cities.

The GIS application can be developed in the following ways: Database Designing, Data Collection, Interface Designing, Building Road Networks, Vectorization, Shortest Path Routing, and Quickest Path Routing.


The main application is developed that it must be a user friendly and easily accessible by the layman. The interface provides details of hospitals, departments, facilities, and the       routes from locations to the hospital.

Download Spatial Information System for Emergency Btech Seminar.

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