Slammer Worm Seminar

Slammer Worm Seminar: The Virus is a computer program which moves from one computer to another while attaching any file. These programs are sometimes malicious rather than beneficial. Examples of virus are Worms and Trojan horses.

Worms are self replicating programs. They do not infect other programs like viruses. However they create copies of themselves, which in turn create copies again. Thus it is hogging the memory resources and clogging the network. These are usually found on networks and multiprocessing OS.

Trojan Horses are programs which act as delivery vehicles. These programs do something undocumented or something concealed at the time of delivery. These are desperate actions unwanted by the user.

Slammer Worm which is sometimes called Sapphire. This was the faster worm than any other computer worms in history. Within 10 minutes, this worm infected more than 90 percent of vulnerable hosts, which caused significant disruption to transportation, financial, government institutions, and precluding human-based response.

On Saturday, 25 January 2003, Slammer infected hosts by exploiting buffer-overflow vulnerability on the Internet running Microsoft’s SQL Server. This worm exploited its vulnerability and worm infected at least 75,000 hosts causing network outages and unforeseen like canceled airline flights, interference with elections, and ATM failures.

The spreading strategy of this worm uses random scanning. It randomly selects IP addresses then finds and infects every susceptible host. Random-scanning worms spread exponentially but their rapid new-host infection decreases because the worms retry infected addresses continually.


The above mentioned information suggest that even if a giant leap is taken in the technological advancement and secure everything, it is possible for today’s technology to explore beyond the unobvious.  So it can be concluded that how much firewalls and other security measures are taken, even the most intricate encryption can be decrypted, so attention is only the way for warding them off.

Download Slammer Worm CSE Computer Science Engineering B Tech/ BE Final Project Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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