Technical Seminar on Smart Note Taker

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Smart Note Taker:

It is a java application that can be used to convert the hand written notes into the word file or editable document. It detects the shaped formed on the file and try to convert them in the suitable words. Or we can say that it keep on tracking the motion of user, he is drawing the shape and then draw the suitable shape  according to it

When we draw the shape it detects the shape and then tries to match the word in the database and then display the result. For this we require displacement sensors, analog to digital convertor and switch and pc with suitable operating system.

It reduces the dependency on paper. It is very useful for teaching purpose, generally used in the teachers in the big seminars. For this we use electronic pen.  There are several products related to note maker like pc note maker, mobile note maker, smart quill, solo pen note maker.

Mobile note maker: this uses portable device. It has in build LCD. It has flash memory that can use to store up-to A4 size papers.

Pc note maker: they are the advanced device based on the real time. It can be used for many things like for writing and for image drawing also.

Solo pen: this device records the motion of its own. This can be used for writing short notes, and we can also write in the air. It is connected with pc with infrared.  It is available in the market at the price of $100.

Smart quill: it works with sensors and with gravity and sense the motion of the pen whether on the paper or in the air. If u wants to enter something we can press the button on the pen. They are used in the mobile devices, printers, desktops etc.

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