Seminar Report on Security Issues of P2p Connections

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Security Issues of P2p Connections:

P2P connections or network is a device used for communication with one each party to other… In other words it can also be defined as a communication which is done directly in between two or more computers. P2P is mainly called as per-toper communications which is mostly used to share files from the computers to other files which can be shared are MP3s, Doc. Etc…

Mainly client server is used to transfer the file from one computer to another. But a P2p system does not have this dominant server. Mainly P2P networks can be aimed from the spammers and corkers. P2p networks can be secured by the security such as connection control, access control, operation control, antivirus etc… The main threats that are sustained by the P2P are internal threats and the external threats. External threats permit the network to expose mainly attacks and its various forms too. Internal threats are the main subjects of P2P networks for the security concept. It provides security to different platforms, different systems, and different applications.

There are three security methods too named as Secret key Techniques, Public key Technique and Asymmetric key technique… Secret key technique is constructed upon the basis that the receiver and the sender exchange the unrevealed files or a thing. Public key is constructed on the basis of asymmetric key pair; Public key requires a infrastructure to share the public key. Asymmetric key permits to open the lock the entry with similar address.

Talking about the security protocol, secure sockets, IPSec technology, PKI, are some security protocol; SSL protocol protects the file while preventing it from modifications. IPSec technologies are used by VPNs and PKI is called as the backbone of the SSL.

Security for the P2P is a critical concept as it the design and implements project system. In Current time security issues are failed and are continued in failing due to affect of the user. This must be solved as early as possible.

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