Biometrics Security Seminar Report

Introduction to Biometrics Security Seminar Topic:

This is a security system that used pattern matching technique for identification. There are several techniques in biometric systems like a fingerprint, face identification, hand geometry. They are a very useful device in terms of security. 

Biometric identification system:-It is used to identified person physical characteristics and it can be identified by fingerprint identification, in this we match the fingerprint of the person because it remains same even the person becomes older. Other is Hand geometry, next is Palm Vein Authentication in which we measure the vein of the person. It uses the infrared rays. Another is Retina scan, in this we analysis the capillary blood vessel in the back of the eye as the pattern remain the same throughout the life.

Iris scans; it provides the scan of rings, furrows, and freckles in the colored of the eye that surrounds the pupil. This uses more than 200 points to be analyzed. Next is Face Recognition, in this facial characteristic i.e. the shape and size of the face of the person are recognized. Signature matching is the way of identification. Voice matching is also used to identify the person by analyzing the pitchstone, cadence, and frequency of the person.

These all methods discussed above are a single method, but single method systems are not able to meet the requirement, so we used the multi-model technique. In this model, several recognition is required like they are used for recognition, fingerprint matching, with speaker verification.

Biometric systems are used for a commercial purpose such as ATM, medical records. They are used by government systems such as national ID card, border control, passport control.

Limitations: they are very noisy or create too much distortion. It might not work if someone fingers print are not properly visible and it also possible to create duplicate fingerprints.

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