CSE Seminar Report on Near Me Area Network Security

Introduction : This Near Me Area Network Security Computer Science Seminar Report explains about NAN Network. When we talk about network then there are many choices like LAN, MAN and WAN. Each has their own functions and implemented as they require. Now the populations is increasing very fast, so new features are added to the mobile devices like location based communication network that is also called near me network. It is the wireless network that used wireless networks and that too have close proximity. You can also say that it is wireless LAN but it can connect devices of different infrastructures.

Emerging of NAN:

NAN can be used by mobile network operators as their private and communicate with their towers to mobile devices and allow the mobiles users to exchange information. If you want to NAN service to your mobile device then you need to have both GPS and internet connectivity. After that you just need to install the interface to connect with them. It uses HTTP for tracking the current user. After that you can share information or photos with them.

NAN Example:

NAN example

NAN Architecture:

 NAN architecture

Existing Nan Prototypes and Applications:

In today’s device Apple phones support NAN applications like handshake. This is the application that allows sharing contact with other person without even typing. Similarly Yahoo uses eagle fire to keep the location of the persons and it may allow different site to access that information or any application. Another application is whoz that. This application is to connect the social networking sites to connect with mobile devices. For this your mobile need to have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect wireless.

NAN can easily track the person as they GPS of the phones to track them. GPS functioning depend upon the environment, like noisy place can create interference in the signals. Now the latest phones like android and IOS provide the features of such wireless communication. They provide different libraries files for such implementation.

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