Seminar Report on Cryptovirology

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Cryptovirology:

Crypto virology is a stream which analyze and shows how to make the use of crypto virology to develop effective software. It protects the attacks like malware and other harmful things. This software is mainly developed to examine the latest cryptography and other tools to establish new malware software.

Cryptography has mainly used in the defense purpose to get the secret chats of the enemies. For this the signals called as Digital signal algorithm are used. This software in future can also be used for offence either than defense. It is the analysis of mathematical methods which is in connection with the information safety such as data integrity, authentication and data origination. The main connection of cryptography is the clear text or the plain text. This process commonly uses an algorithm or the key.

Some encryption topics and operations are plaintext which is the original information messages, cipher text is an encryption message, and Encryption is the series of the action of changing it from plaintext to cipher text. Decryption is the series of changing cipher text to plain text. Encryption key is the value which is used to encrypt and decrypt data. The advantages of Encryption and decrypt are Private policy, Authentications and the Total security to it. It also has some dis-advantages like it takes more time and it require more human workers to work with it.

Crypto virus can be also called as the personal computer virus that has and are in use with the public keys. It makes the Duplicate of the main key and makes the use of it at the runtime. It also contains some same type of virus called as crypto viral extortion.

Another cryptosystem in this is the Black-Box cryptosystem which is mainly established for the protection of harmful malware like Trojans etc… the black-box has its appropriate input output and some important functions. It also has the related topic named as kleptography which is used for theft data and information’s.

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