Bluetooth Technology Seminar Report PPT

In this buetooth technology seminar report topics we cover are

  • bluetooth based sensor network
  • a wireless sensor network
  • bluetooth module hardware architecture

Use of internet and communication of internet has become the most important technology. When we go through the history of communication technology of last few years we can see that there has much advancement made wired and wireless technology. Wireless technology allows the user to stay connected to any network an internet anytime and anywhere. It has also proven effective in many terms of communication and they are cost, standards, and many more. A wireless communication now is also network oriented.

Introduction to bluetooth Wireless technology:

Communication through various modes has become very important for many reasons. As there is increase in the use of internet and it is necessary to control the traffic of communication through various networks. We know that there are many sensors in use today these sensors play a very important role in communication.

Bluetooth technology seminar ppt presentation video gives a over view on this seminar topic.

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A device called distributed control system is used. Wireless communication network contains sensors, microprocessors, and wireless communication interface. Wireless communication came into existence in the year 1994. A company named Ericson Mobile Communication which is based in Sweden studied a way to eliminate the use of wires and invented Bluetooth. Engineers named this wireless technology as Bluetooth which was named after the king of Denmark. The goal of Bluetooth communication was to transfer data without use of wires.

About Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is not a licensed ISM band at 2.4GHz. It transfers data in the range of about 10 to 100 meters. Bluetooth channel supports total bandwidth of 1Mb/sec. Asymmetric data transfer supports single connection at the data transfer rate of 721 Kbps up to max three channels.

Bluetooth Networks:

A network of Bluetooth is called as piconet. These piconets consist of devices connected through Bluetooth. There are master and slave devices, whereas piconet consists of one master and seven slave devices. There is also a network called as scatternet. It is networks of several piconets.

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