Bluetooth Technology Seminar Topic and Seminar Report

Bluetooth is the radio frequency ad-hoc network used in small area for transmitting and receiving. They uses device like mobiles, computers, laptop, cordless phones etc., for data transmission. It uses 9*9 mm chip microchips that are embedded in the devices like mobiles. They require 2.4 GHz band for data transmission. It is very chap service as we do not require wires, cables etc. it is successfully used by around 1800 companies today.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Range of Bluetooth is around 10 meters. And it can connect maximum 8 devices. And these devices are known as Pico nets as they do not require special privilege to connect. The device that uses Bluetooth has 48 bit unique address from 802 standards and its speed may vary to 1 mbps.  They are connected either point-to-point or they are connected to point to multipoint.

Bluetooth Technology Security:

As Bluetooth operate in non-secure mode. So it has three security features like pseudo-random frequency, band hops, authentication and encryption. To connect two device, first of all these require pairing, for that they have to enter a unique pass key in both the devices. After that these two devices are connected for sharing the data in both directions.]

Bluetooth Technology Advantages:

Bluetooth can also be used for connecting internet. If u have mobile that have Bluetooth connection, and pc that have also Bluetooth connection then u can connect to internet by making mobile device as a modem.

Bluetooth Technology and Applications:

It has very low power consumption, no restriction to any site when internet through mobile. It frequency range is big so it ensures worldwide operability. If we Bluetooth enabled mouse and keyboard then these devices can be connected to the computer with Bluetooth devices, it reduces the complexity of wires and cables.  It has been used by 1800 companies so it has bright future.

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