Seminar Projects on Finger Print Authentication

Description: The research paper Seminar Projects on Finger Print Authentication speaks about Finger Print Authentication. Biometrics is the domain of Computer Science Engineering that believes that the individual characteristic attributes of a person are unique. Observing these traits and analyzing them will give newer solutions to security systems. The security systems and the symbiotic relation with biological traits forms the cult of biometrics. Biometrics provide both data security and access control. The following procedures like voice recognition, face scan, retinal scan and many more are prevalent biometric procedures, but the best of all and most cost effective with superior results over other procedures is Finger Print Authentication.

A fingerprint is composed of ridges, the elevated lines of flesh that make up the various patterns of the print, separated by valleys. Ridges form a variety of patterns that include loops, whorls and arches, Minutiae are discontinuities in ridges, and can take the form of ridge endings, bifurcations (forks), crossovers (intersections) and many others. Fingerprint authentication is done considering the overall data obtained. The data print thus obtained is converted to a substet using an algorithm. Modern forensic fingerprinting, with files on the order of 250kB per finger, is used in large scale, one-to-many searches with huge databases, and can require hours for

verification. Fingerprint authentication, using files of less than 1000 bytes, is used for one-to-one verification and give results in just a few seconds.

In use, fingerprint authentication is very simple. First, a user enrolls in the system by providing a fingerprint sample. The sensor captures the fingerprint image. The sensor image is interpreted and the representative features extracted to a data file by algorithms either on a host computer or a local processor (in applications such as cellular handsets).This data file then serves as the users individual identification template.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that the fingerprinting authentication is one of the most reliable biometric procedures.

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