Real Time Implementation Of Finger Print Based authentication and controlling system devices projects main idea is to provide security for doors using finger prints technology. Here we are scanning the finger print and we have to check with the predefined data using microcontroller. If it matches door has to open otherwise buzzer has to on for security purpose. 


  1. Personal computer / workstation security.
  2. Network / enterprise security.
  3. e -commerce / e-business.
  4. Electronic transactions.
  5. Banking and financial systems.
  6. Medical information systems.
  7. Any password-based application


  1. Avrstudio4 IDE tool
  2. ISP programming
  3. Embedded C Programming


  1. Micro controller
  3. Buzzer
  4.  LCD Display 16×2
  5. Dc motor
  6. Driver unit.

download Real Time Implementation Of Finger Print Based Authentication Abstract.