All about Fingerprint Biometrics

Description: The research paper All about Fingerprint Biometrics speaks of fingerprint biometrics which is going to have a great market value in the future. With the advent of technology and things such as e-transactions and smart cards becoming almost ubiquitous, the role has security has attained a greater significance like never before. Scientists specializing in the area of biometrics have discovered that the individual physical traits of a human being are unique and never hold comparison with any other human being. The identification of this fact led to a breakthrough in biometrics’ research.

What are the various biometric procedures:

Various biometric procedures like the retina scan, voice recognition, facial recognition and fingerprint recognition techniques are now in vogue and provide serious kind of security and access control. Among all the aforementioned biometric procedures, the fingerprint technique is considered the most effective, cheaper and reliable one. The research paper discusses a specific method adopted in biometric procedures. It is called Fingerprint identification by using artificial neural network with optical wavelet preprocessing. When choosing a specific biometric procedure for identification, the following things have to be contemplated.

  1. What is the basis of the characteristic’s uniqueness?
  2. Can the process perform effective search on a huge data base?
  3. How the users would respond to this?
  4. Cost per user
  5. Implementation costs
  6. Maintenance costs and
  7. Usability for other processes.

Conclusion: From the given biometric procedures the fingerprint technique is the most effective one that comes up with almost accurate results. Although biometric technology offers some effective answers to many security solutions, it might be very costly to implement certain aspects of biometrics. The use of biometrics in the expanding world of e-transactions and smart cards is becoming indispensable. The awareness of the field should be created and the scope of the field should be pronounced often.

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