Seminar Report Biometric Authentication

Introduction to Biometric Authentication Seminar Topic:

These are the technique of the user authentication which is very difficult to forge, they cannot theft or something to forget, they are always with us, like eyes, hand, fingerprint.  It used the technique of pattern matching like fingerprint matching which is very unique and they vary from user to user or hand matching pattern like the shape of a hand. If in case someone fingerprint might not work then his face recognition or his voice can be used.

First, the user image is taken and converted into a template which is then stored in the database. When the next time user comes his new image is compared with previous image and the numeric value is created that determines the correctness of image.  Then three possibilities occur:

Fingerprint Biometric System: every user has its unique pattern on her hands. These patterns are successfully used in many applications. This is a very old method but very used. These techniques are based on two categories, minutiae-based and correlation based.

Face retrieval systems: this technique is based on the face identification. The computer records the still image of the face and keeps in the database and next time it identifies the face. They are used in surveillance computers or human interface computers.

Hand geometry: this technique uses the shape of the body part like a hand. This is not unique. They are generally used for frequent identification.

Retina and iris recognition:  this is very rare in fact of that truth that retina is unique but also it is less used. It requires proper light at the black spot. They are generally used by the military.

Whereas In few places they use multi- scanning systems like fingerprinting with eye scanning together. They are used in heavy systems like supercomputers for security purpose and by the defense.

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