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Computer science students can download the latest collection of CSE Projects under different categories like asp.net, vb.net, c#, C++, visual basic, visual studio, and many other topics. Students can find a list of project reports with source code from the links mentioned below.

Online Question Paper Submission ASP.Net Project

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  1. the code you provided for the project “Ensuring Data Security in Cloud Computing” is not correctly working.
    that is not taking any input ..please help me with this problem..

  2. I couldn’t run personal Identity project its showing error…. how do i want to run it. when i click login or signup its showing as “A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server)”………….

  3. hiii friends ,i m an cs engg student and also working as IT engg in publictv news channel so,actually i need some vb projects with coding and successfull execution,,,please reach me at 9738343315 please suggest me friends

  4. I Have a good project on Shop Management System and online hotel booking system and many more so if you need please contact me

  5. plz suggest me any minor project on android…..if anyone have suggestions plz rply me on my email id…….plz rply soon it’s urgent……

  6. i need a project on address auto configuration of mobile adhoc networks in java
    plzzz anybody help me………

  7. plz send me payroll processing system in java netbeans & also stud mark maintenance system project plz send me immediately

  8. I have project in VLSI which must contain:
    1- Design circuit has data path and controller.
    2-(VHDL or Verilog) code for the design.
    3-Mentor Graphics :
    a) DA design (transistor level)
    b) Accusim
    c) IC design
    d) LVS report.

  9. plz send me “energy efficient load-balanced clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks” project with source code in “TCL”

  10. pls send me project titles & info about that on agricultuer based on wireless sensor network implement with the help of
    c,c++ lang…..

  11. I took my final year project from IEEE Students Pune.
    I was very weak at programming but trainer of IEEE Students taught me very well, i feel lucky to get project guidance from IEEE Students.
    If anyone want then visit http://www.ieeestudents.com

  12. i need a project “multimail collaboration manager”its like a outlook and email shedule option also required in that plz send project on my mail

  13. please mail me a project on “online portal for part time jobs and summer internship” which runs on eclipse and mysql 5.0 and apache tomacat 7.0

  14. I need project on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is

  15. I need project code on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is

  16. i need a project on secure payment scheme with less communication and processing overhead for multihop wireless networks.
    Plz send project to my mail

  17. i need easy net 2 cse main project code,documentation and ppt urgent sir please send me to my mail
    my project name is EASY NET 2 please send me full details about this project

  18. I need a project on steganography tools on .net plz send it to my mail id. it’s urgent plzz plzzz plzzzz send me soon..

  19. oru mini project cheyyund njangal…. adileak sambavanayayi eathenkilum puthiya mini project topico.. enthenkilum..helpo cheyyuka pleass conatct AFSAL 9605533226 OR Afsal Bin Musthafa (facebook)
    JASEEM 9656676251 OR JASEEM JAS(facebook)
    mail : [email protected]……………………..(MALAYALAM)


  20. I want simplest mini project in frontend vb.net/html and backend is oracle 10g atleast 6 to 7 pages in “BANKING MANAGEMENT” please send project by today 5.00 p.m its very urgent u send for mail [email protected] you send source code and output of the page also its very urgent

  21. sir,
    i need some new cse application projects topics in java….plz……….help me to complete my project…plz send me……….

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