CSE Seminar Topic on Biometric Authentication System

Introduction to Biometric Authentication System Seminar Topic:

It is the method of authentication based on the biological science. It generally uses pattern matching technique. It utilizes pattern verification like fingerprint matching, iris blood vessel pattern, facial geometry.

Advantages: its features are unique and the level of security is very high. Now are free from remembering password, PINs etc. it has reduced the tension of IT companies, now they have more secure workstations.

Disadvantages: these systems are very costly because of their hardware and software, and their integration to the network is also costly. Few populations don’t trust these systems as they think biometrics copies their fingerprint, but it is not true. It only copies the mathematical statics behind the fingerprint. It consumes more space as it image related to any ID or PASSWORD.

Fingerprint: It uses the pattern that we have on our fingers. This is unique to every person. It is not much used as people don’t have trust in it, they think they might exploit their fingerprint for illegal use.

Hand scan: they use the design of hand. This is not unique as required.

Voice authentication: it has very high acceptability rate than others. It is based on the voice of the user. But it also fails if the person is real and he has a cold then the system might not be able to detect his voice.

Retina and iris scan: it includes the scanning of our eye and retina. They take the pattern image of our blood vessel. It has very high accuracy. It has negligible drawbacks.

Facial recognition: it scans the geometry of human face. This also has the same problem with the privacy. The user doesn’t want to leak their authenticity.

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