Download CSE Seminar Biometrics to Ameliorate Authentication

This research paper Download CSE Seminar Biometrics to Ameliorate Authentication talks about the role of biometrics to ameliorate authentication.

It says that Biometrics is the science of using digital technology to identify individuals based on the individual’s unique physical and biological qualities. Simply, biometrics is the technique of verifying a person’s identity from a physical characteristic (i.e., fingerprint, hand print, face, scent, thermal image, or iris pattern), or personal trait (voice pattern, handwriting, or acoustic signature).

 The research paper extensively explains two main types of Biometrics:

 1.       Physical Biometrics

2.       Behavioral Biometrics

Scope of Biometrics: The research paper suggests that as a number of separate software and hardware vendors are included in the Biometric industry, each with their own interfaces, algorithms and data structures standards have emerged to provide a common software interface, to allow sharing of biometric templates, and to permit effective comparison and evaluation of different biometric technologies.

One of the more interesting uses of biometrics involves combining biometrics with smart cards and public key infrastructure a major recognition system, a fingerprint verification system, and a speaker verification system.

The paper posits problems in the area of biometrics. It says that problem with biometrics is how and where to store the user’s template. Because the template represents the user’s personal characters, its storage introduces privacy concerns. 

Furthermore, storing the template in a centralized database leaves that template subject to attack and compromise. On the other hand, storing the template on a smart card enhances individual privacy and increases protection from attack, because individual users control their own templates.


The research paper suggests that the advances in accuracy and usability and decreasing cost have made the biometric technology a secure, affordable and cost effective way of identifying individuals. 

Biometric parameters such as fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, retinal scanning, hand geometry, signature verification, voice verification and others are all well established with their own particular characteristics.

The limiting factors of speed and band width are now a thing of the past and their practical performance might in many instances be better than expected. Today, Biometrics is an efficient and effective method of replacing passwords, tokens and smart cards.

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