ECE Project Report on Security System Using RFID

Introduction to Security System Using RFID:

   In general for each and every organization, industry, home and a person need security. It is most important common need. Security is mainly used in organizations. For this purpose, in olden days security guard was used next token numbers and next passwords. Now a day tags with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been using. But it is not more secure because one of the person tags is used by other one without his/her permission. It is more danger. To avoid these types of danger situations we should provide a new technology, which is “BIOMETRIC SYSTEM” with existed RFID system.

                                    The main objective of our project is providing a security to individuals having only one identification. For this purpose biometric system is used. We have to use hardware equipments are RFID Reader, RFID Tag, Camera, GSM, Zig bee, Microcontroller, power supply, RS-232, antenna, PC and mobile.

RFID tag system has taken more time to identification, not secure, cost effective and need a person. But our proposed system is not require a person and don’t have these disadvantages. It has multiple advantages so it is also called as multi-level security system. It is used for each and every room, which are in the organization.

                                    Fingerprint (thumb) biometric system is used in this proposed system because each person has different fingerprints so individual identification is provided. All these equipments are under the control of microcontroller. For every entry and exit SMS will send to the management. Zigbee is a wireless mesh communication within the organization. It has a range of 10m and operated at 2.4GHZ. Transmitter module keeps at rooms and receiver module keeps at management room. So security is more no chance to done mistakes. Finally conclude that it is the best technology for security purpose. It is easy to maintain user has a bright future and low cost more reliable. It is also used for vehicle security.  

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