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Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Seminar Abstract: In today’s hostile environment, security has become an important concern in order to have a protected communication between the nodes of mobiles.

Like the wireless networks, the only characteristics of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks consist of a number of nontrivial challenges such as open peer-to-peer network architecture, stringent resource constraints, shared wireless medium and highly dynamic network topology.

These challenges helped in building multi-fence security solutions. This set of the challenge has achieved both broad protection and desirable network performance.

This article has focused on the important security problem of protecting the data transmitting between two nodes in a MANET, that is from wormhole attacks and find the way to solve related to this problem. We also identify the security issues and various protocols (SRP) used in securing MANETs.

MANET is a type of self-configuring network of mobile nodes. It is connected by wireless links. The union of this network forms an arbitrary topology. 

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) have got a tremendous attention due to their capabilities of self-configuration and self-maintenance. It is assumed to have a friendly and cooperative environment. It has focused on problems like wireless channel access and multihop routing.

This security includes challenges like open network architecture, shared wireless medium, stringent resource constraints, and highly dynamic network topology.

The goal of MANETS is to provide security services to mobile users like confidentiality, authentication, integrity, anonymity, and availability. To have a secure Ad Hoc Network, the attributes considered are availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation.

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In the research community, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks security has recently gained momentum. Because of the open nature of Ad Hoc Networks and inherent lack of infrastructure, security exposures are a hindrance to basic network operation.

Security solution for MANET has to contend with a challenging environment which includes scarce energy, lack of persistent structure, and computational resources.

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