Secured Voting Machine with Touch Screen and Smart Card

     Secured voting machine with touch screen and smart card embedded system project main idea is to develop a voting machine which can increase security of voting. This secured voting machine will provide a easy user friendly display and high security where there will be no chances of malpractice.  By developing this touch screen voting system project users can overcome disadvantages that are seen in present system. This system provides simple and easy procedure for voting where villagers can use it easily. And this will reduce rigging procedure in voting.  Here the Touch Screen with a micro Controller will be designed and connected to the voting Machine through the serial port of the computer. The voting symbols are displayed on the screen. IF a person has to vote he has to first swipe the card on the computer. The VB program in the Computer will capture the serial port. The PCB is designed by using Express PCB & the circuit is designed by using Proteus software.

download  Secured Voting Machine with Touch Screen and Smart Card  Embedded system Abstract.

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