RFID Access Control System and Security Webcam with Voice Acknowledgement

 The main aim of this RFID ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM  AND  SECURITY  WEBCAM WITH  VOICE  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT project is power security for companies or Lab. In this project we are using RFID.           In order to organize or control different access systems by person or items, this application should provide accurate security. So RFID is used to provide security by embedding access control in ID cards. These cards are used monitoring attendance and also prevent authorizing access.


            Controller will check whether the tag identification number provided by the RFID reader have the access permission or not. If have, access permission will be provided to that particular person, i.e. door control signal enabled.  Otherwise an alert message will be sent to a predetermined mobile number and alarm will be activated. Each person’s entry timing and access permissions can be seen on the LCD.  EEPROM (AT24c04) is used to keep the employ database. Relay circuit regulates communication to controller by GSM module and computer. Computer is used to modify database and to list entry details. MAX 232 and ULN 2803 are used as line drivers. 

download  RFID Access Control System and Security Webcam with Voice Acknowledgement abstract.

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