Touch Screen Operated Liquid Dispensing System

Touch Screen Operated Liquid Dispensing System application need to handle different parameters that to be handled. This projects uses temperature sensors. Sensors are located at different points to sense temperature variations. Micro controller will handle information from sensors for further processing. Graphic LCD display is used for displaying messages.

In this process as we have to reach our requirement we assign a certain Set-Points for the sensor to monitor the temperature (Ex; Temperature-39 degrees). Based on temperature variations motor operations will set on or off.If the value from the sensor gets below the Set point, the microcontroller drives the heater ‘ON’ and starts the heating to reach the set point.  This is a cyclic process. Touch screen is used to set the Set-Points for the sensor to monitor.

A typical graphics LCD system is shown in Figure 1. The system consists of a microcontroller, a LCD controller (digital-control logic, optional graphic accelerator, image buffer, gate driver), and a LCD glass. 

download Touch Screen Operated Liquid Dispensing System  project information.

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