Touch Screen Seminar Topic

Touch-screen-seminar-topic.Touch screen seminar topic explains about how touch screen works, Touch sensors, Controller, Software Drivers, Touch screen technology, and types of touch screen.

Touch screen is a electronic glass surface which can detect signals from hand or stylus when touched on the glass surface. Hardware and software components are linked with touch screen to perform operations. Touch screen is mostly used in smart phones, all in one computers and tablet.

Touch sensor, controller and software drivers are basic components of touch screen.

Touch sensor:-

Touch sensor is a transparent glass like electronic surface which can detect signals from hands or other passive objects like stylus. Touch sensors are connected to processor to take signals and perform operation.


Controller connects touch sensor and processor, touch sensor will send electronic signals to controller where it will convert touch signals in to machine language and send it to processor. Controllers vary based on the type of source we are using as a touch like USB, Serial, COM or external devices like cd players. There is different type of sensor technologies available in the market; each uses different methods to detect touch input.

Software driver:-

Drivers are important for any computer devices for controllers to communicate with operating system. Operating system will take decisions based on the input given by controller. Mouse-emulation drivers are mostly used drivers for all touch screens.

List of touch screen technologies available in market are.

  •   Resistive touch screen.
  •   Capacitive touch screen.
  •  Infrared  touch screen.
  •   Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen.
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