Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System

The aim of Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System project is to design and construction of a module to control the devices   through touch screen. The project was divided into three phases. The First phase is to demonstrate the application of touch screen controlled digital devices. The second phase of the project attempts controlling and display data on Graphic lcd and the third phase of the project is to control the Digital devices.

Now a days touch screen technology is widely used in different fields. Using this technology makes users comfortable and time saving. This technology is widely used in mobiles as smart phones but machines in mechanical or chemical fields are using touch screen technology. This project will explain a basic method to control digital devices using touch screen.

In this project Graphic accelerator and image buffer and digital control logic is used in LCD controller.

download Project on Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System.


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  1. I am bhavin from vadodara gujarat india. I want project report on touch screen based industrial device control using microcontroller. pleaser send me email this project report today only

  2. i am bhavin from vadodara. I want circuit diagram if industrial device control for project report. So please email me the schemetic diagram as early as you can. Thankyou. BHAVIN BELAPURKAR

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