Robotic Trolley for Material Handling


     Mobile robots are capable of moving in their environment and are not restricted to only one location. These robots are the main focus of a lot of research and development. These robots differ from the industrial robots which are in a fixed surface. These mobile robots find a wide variety of applications in industries and military applications. They can be also used as consumer products.

    The primary aim of this project “Robotic control for material handling” has designed a trolley which is robotic in nature and can be used for material handling purposes in industries. In the described project her, a robotic vehicle is designed in such a way that it functions like a car by carrying tools from one place to the other with the aid of a sensor. The trolley is stopped when the trolley is unloaded.


          In the Robotic Trolley for Material Handling project, a sensor is attached to the bed of the vehicle. This sensor is used to check if the load is present on the bed. The motor arrangement is done with the help of wheels and the spur gear. The trolley starts moving when the first user places his tools in the vehicle. The movement is automatic in nature. Once the second user takes the tools from this trolley and places another tool then it again starts moving and now it does so toward the first user. This can be used in hospitals.

Robotic Trolley for Material Handling Conclusion:

     By using a remote controlled robotic system, it requires only less manpower. The implementation of the project also becomes easy with less cost of fabrication and at the same time it is user friendly. Thus this can be used in industries and libraries.

   Thus the complete design and fabrication is completed for the main purpose of material handling that is widely required in industries.

Download Robotic Trolley for Material Handling Mechanical Project Report.

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