Robotic Projects for Electronics ECE Engineering Students

Have keenly analyzed and designed autonomous robot by using various latest technique and mechanism to reach our destination.

Hereby we have spilt the Robotic Projects for Electronics ECE Engineering Students into mechanical and electronic parts.

The Electronic ECE consideration holds:

  1. The Camera specification ,
  2. Motor action,
  3. Microcontroller and processing unit,
  4. Global positioning system,
  5. Storage unit. 

The Mechanical consideration holds:

  1. The Design of the Robot,
  2. Kinematic design,
  3. Model using designing tool.

The Robotic Project describes the complete prototype of our design and the novel approach followed for construction.



Microprocessor    : ARM 9 (VME bus based)

Microcontroller    : ARM 7, MC89C51, MOTOROLA 68HC11

Bus controller      : FireWire Controller (IEEE 1394 interface)

Motor                             : 40kg torque, 150 rpm, Voltage rating 24 V, Current 30 mA.

Camera                 : Stereo camera (obstacle detection)

                               C-MOS sensor (lane detection) 640×480,15FPS


Visual C++     (Image Processing)

Embedded C   (Controller)

UNIX operator (Processor)


  1. i am astudents of ECE ,,,,, i wish to make a robot,,,,,,, that have a camera,and ,,control by Bluetooth ,,,,,,so how,,,,,,,,,,i am first ,,,i did not make ,robot before,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so please help me…………

  2. Sir,I have completed my 2nd year engineering and m interested to make some major project n have interest in robotics but being novice to this field have no idea from where to start to make one robo of ma need of guidance to make a simple robot that can function..plz suggest some details how to move on and make one robo

  3. sir i have completed my 3rd year engineering and i have a competition in iit roorkee on robotics so can you kindly suggest me a project on robotics relating ECE and CSE

  4. bhanu prakashsays:

    i am the student of ece dept i can make a biped robot how can i make the robot with controlling blue tooth plzzzzz help me

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