Material Management and Stores accounting system



To develop software for Material Management and Stores accounting system to resolve the problems faced by the material managers in the organisation as a solution.


1. To develop the software for transparent procurement of materials/ items and accounting of all the inward goods transactions/items.

2. To improve the material management inventory system by providing quality of service to the stores department to production departments at various levels.


It is required to develop a computer-oriented method for MM Department to Stores department activities, right from the purchase request to goods inspection. The decisions, which are taken by the material managers, demands more quality information from the indenter with respective to quantity and time of the items required to meet the organisational production goals.


To meet the organisation goal in procurement of items a strong supporting system, by means of stock levels and cost effective. Thus a more flexible, simple user friendly software which can assist all the authorised persons at various levels in making decisions regarding stock of various materials, effective channelling of resources, maintaining important validation data and reduction in the reaction time. Computerization saves a lot of time regarding the maintenance and retrieval of data at crucial time, making the work easier and efficient.

This system covers all the activities of MM right from the raising of Purchase Request (PR) to receipt of materials (inward goods) from the supplier and also issue of materials for production to store credit of finished goods.

System Specifications:

Software Requirements:

• Operating system           :   Windows XP or Windows 7, Windows 8.

• Coding Language            :   Java – AWT, Swings

• Data Base              :   My SQL/ Oracle.

• Documentation               :   MS Office

• Development Kit             :   JDK 1.7

Hardware Requirements:

System                      :   Intel core Pentium IV

Hard Disk                  :   40 GB.

Floppy Drive                        :   1.44 Mb.

Monitor                    :   14’ Colour Monitor.

Mouse                       :   Optical Mouse.

Ram                            :   1 GB. 

System Flow:

 Material Management and Stores accounting system

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