Query Handling System


This Query Handling System project is designed for the college students to handle the queries which are frequently asked by the students. In this Query Handling System project we are providing a chance for the student to clarify their doubts by posting the questions. Normally it is very hard to handle all this query clarification process manually. So here we are developing the project which provides automation process for the clarification of doubts by asking the students to post the question and get clarified with their doubts.

There will be many questions that are being posted frequently by the students to various departments in a college.  The College examination branch wants to maintain all the frequently asked questions in the database subject wise.  Time to time they will be updating the questions and the related answers into the database.

The primary goal of the Query Handling System is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient for the students and lectures through which the students can get clarified with their doubts and also for the administrators of a particular college to use in retrieving the information from database and also storing the information into database.


  • Super User
  • Administrator
  • Student

Super User:

super user to control the data, appointing the administrators in each department,appointing the administrator  to a particular department for that he register the admin,adding a new departments like computer science, chemistry, physics,    maths, etc.. At the same time he can delete the departments, adding a new topic to particular department. At the same time he delete the added topics also, adding the question with answers and storing the data in database. 


  • Admin can add the question with answers and it will be stored in database for students to retrieve it.
  • Admin will modify the answers.
  • The student post a question in certain department the respective administrator will answer the question and a copy of the answer will be sent to the student. 


  • Student post a question in certain department.
  • Student check the answer for which he is posted.
  • Student checks the answer for available questions.

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