Robotic Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students

Our Robot Mechanical Project design concentrate on working with real time environmental variation and least power consumption device. The main approach of the bot to a particular situation is based on the micro controller and processors which en-route to perform serious mechanical and electronic operation. We use two standard camera C-MOS camera and Stereo camera to perform lane detection and obstacle avoidance respectively. Controller controls the camera action, GPS sensor, motor drivers and according to varying environment. Lane detection and obstacle avoidance is done by using image processing. The controller performance of Robotic Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students is concentrated mainly to navigate on any surface under any condition. The different driver circuits and interfacing units are used to integrate the mechanical element with electronic components. The control signal is sent to standard bus controller from the various controlling system. The low power consuming sensors and controllers are used to perform the action. Indirectly we are concentrating on minimizing power wastage.

Main aim of the Mechanical System:

The dimensions of the mechanical engineering projects robot are 1600*965*810 mm which is based on the design modeled in pro-e modeling. The kinematic approach to build the bot is based on the chain linkages; we have used Double Rocker Mechanism. With the presence of linkages there is no separate suspension mechanism needed. At all point of times and at all positions always all six wheels will be touching the ground. This is the most advantageous point of having linkages.

The locomotion of bot is designed with six wheels so that the stability of the vehicle is high. All the wheels are given independent drives by each wheel setup having a motor. In addition, four servo motors are placed in the front and back wheels. So the wheels can be turned to steer in any direction. The wheels if properly turned to the required angle, the entire vehicle may completely turn in its position up to 360┬░. The speed of the vehicle is also controlled by PWM i.e. minimizing the voltage supply given to motors. Hence in overall the bot is designed to move autonomously on all terrains and crossing all obstacles.

Conclusion of this Robotic project Report:

Our mechanical engineering project- pipe inspection robot is extended to identify the history of navigation from the time of start to current running location at various intervals by providing separate internet protocol (IP) based server to note the event history. This could be accessed only by the administrator.

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