Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment

The current material handling processes includes complicated designs and the cost of the system is also high. Hence every industry is in need of a suitable material handling equipment which must be of low cost and also it must be flexible enough for the users.

This Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment project serves as best for satisfying the above conditions. We used pneumatic application for the automation and it can be moved in six axis such that the entire material handling process can be automated.


Our Pneumatic Six Axis Material Handling Equipment project consists of six pneumatic cylinders which are actuated with the help of the compressed air from the compressor. One pneumatic cylinder is attached at the bottom of the setup which is coupled with the rack and pinion arrangement and this cylinder is used to rotate the setup in 360°.

Another cylinder is placed vertically which is used to actuate the arm of the machine. The third cylinder is provided just above the vertical cylinder for achieving the raising and lowering action of the arm. The fourth cylinder is used to extend and retard the arm.

The fifth cylinder is used to raise and lower the gripper assembly. The last cylinder is used to actuate the gripper setup which is usually used to hold the work materials. Corresponding pneumatic cylinders are actuated with the help of the compressed air from the separate compressors and the material from one place in transferred to the other place with the help of this six axis material handling equipment.

This machine is highly useful since it can be moved in 360°.



  • Simple in construction.
  • Easily available components are used.
  • Can lift heavy objects that cannot be lifted with bare hands.
  • Highly reliable.
  • No need of skilled operators to operate this machine.
  • The life of the machine is high.
  • Maintenance free system.


  • Semi automated machine.
  • Need separate compressor for the effective operation of the system.
  • If any one of the cylinders gets damaged, the entire operation if affected.


These types of pneumatic six axis material handling equipment have a wide range of applications in the fields like,

  • All industries,
  • Highly suitable for assembly and packing industries.
  • All manufacturing plants.

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