Robotic Arm Mechanical Robotics Projects


The project “Robotic Arm Mechanical Robotics Projects” is used in place of a human hand to perform a set of functions. This robotic arm is programmable in nature and can be manipulated. The robotic arm is also referred to as anthropomorphic as it is very similar to that of a human hand.

In the existing systems, humans do most of the tasks involved in the manufacturing processes. However by using a robotic arm, welding, drilling and thermal spraying etc can be achieved.

In this project, a self-sufficient Robotic arm is fabricated by using components like micro controller and motors. This increases the speed of operations in the industry and reduces the complexity of operations. It also brings about an increase in profit and productivity making it very easy to shift hazardous materials.

ROBOTIC ARM Description:

In this project Robotic Arm, the necessary components of the structure like ICs, blocks and power supply are all assembled together on the PCB. The mechanical part of the robotic arm is designed using PVC pipes. This project’s proposed idea is to create real kits that can be used for demo purpose.

The main part of this project’s design is an AT89C51 micro controller which coordinates and controls the product’s actions. This micro controller is a high performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer and has a flash memory of 4 kilobytes. It consumes low power and is erasable read only memory (PEROM). This specific micro controller in various types of embedded applications and is cost viable option.  An entire robot can be also made by utilizing the concept proposed her.


 This project has made use of various kinds of I/O devices and thus more programs can be stored to develop the functionality process. Robots are also stronger and can perform heavy weight operations. It can work continuously and thus possesses a lot of work potential.

Download ROBOTIC ARM Mechanical Robotics Projects.

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