Robotic Systems in Surgery ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Robotic Systems in Surgery ECE Seminar Topic:

Over the years medical field has been subjected to many changes with new technologies coming up every day. Doctors have to be not only medically advanced, they should also be well equipped with all the modern machinery used for surgery and other medical practices. With the advance in robotic technology doctors are trying it inside the operation theater.

 The biggest pro of this technology is that it would do work more precisely than a human would do and moreover it would not do full operation by itself, the function of such robots is to assist the main doctors during the operation procedures. If the current process of its usage is successful, need for nursing assistants inside the operation theater would be minimal to none in the future. The sheer precise that these machines operate is outstanding, from fitting a pacemaker for the heart, kidney transplant, removing cancerous tumors, these devices can assist in any type of medical emergency.

Da Vinci, ZEUS and AESOP are examples of these types of surgical robots currently being under use across hospitals around the world, such system would have facilities like 3-D display, video console, robotic arms, instrument sterilization, scaling and re positioning, voice and touch screen navigation etc. 

All of the three surgical systems are tele surgical, i.e. doctor can monitor the working of the machine through a small screen and there would be remote controls and other operation mechanisms to control it. These robots must be subjected to constant checking and certifying as a person’s life is depending on the whole system.

Normally there would be a system to overcome changes and such system can adapt to any adverse situations that arise during the surgical procedure, such systems are called supervisory controlled robotic surgery systems. The main departments that use this system while doing surgery are: cardiology, gynecology, gastro, neurology, orthopedic, pediatrics, radiology, urology etc. 

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