Renewable Sources of Energy Project

In this paper on Renewable sources of energy we demonstrated the need of fuel cells in modern day’s utilization of natural renewable energy resources. In order to the increasing demand of electricity under limits there is an intense need of utilizing renewable energy resources in the production of electricity.

In this paper we discuss about the concept of fuel cells with their applications. a fuel cell is a electrical cell which converts hydrogen or hydrogen containing fuels into electricity by electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen into water, the bi products of this mechanisms are heat and water. And these are highly applicable in residential applications.

Project Title:

Renewable Sources of Energy Project

Need of fuel cells:

  • These devices can produce electricity randomly in quick time.
  • For continuous supply of electricity over long period of time.
  • Portable electricity generation mechanisms i.e. portable power supply units.

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  • Space applications like providing electrical supply for the space craft.
  • Each fuel cell is capable of supplying 12 kilowatts continuously in shorter periods.
  • In the Shuttle program, the fuel cells are highly reliable.
  • They can provide both electrical power and drinking water.
  • The main source for Low Emission Vehicle Programs.

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This project is useful for electronics and electrical communication students as final year project. Download paper presentation ppt from below links.

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