Speed Control of Induction Motor Project

In this project “PWM Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Microcontroller Project” we discuss the mechanism of speed control of an industrial induction motor by passing commands through computer. Asynchronous induction motors find enormous application in industrial work, so in order to attain maximum functionality of induction drives we designed this circuit to control the speed of induction motor.

These new pulse width modulation techniques is a low noise, high accuracy, and less ware and tear mechanism when compared to conventional speed control mechanisms like resistance control on rotor and stator side, voltage control and pole changing method.

Block diagram of proposed system:

This circuit consists of power supply circuit, PIC (16F877A Microcontroller, opto coupler, integrated MAX232, transistor Triac and LCD display for output.

Power supply circuit:

The power supply circuit consists of step down transformer – full bridge rectifier – filter – voltage regulator, for getting 230v ac supply – 12v ac – regulated 5v dc output as an input to the circuit.

Project Title:

Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Microcontroller

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram


Controlling circuit:

The integrated MAX232 is used to converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits acts as an interface between the micro controller and the computer. The micro controller used in this is capable of handling 14 interrupts simultaneously and it is Self-reprogrammable under software control, and it has 13-bit program counter which addresses an 8K word x 14 bit program memory space and 8K words x 14 bits of Flash program memory. These are ideal for low power and high performance applications.

Opto coupler and triac are used in the driver circuit, UART i.e. universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter is used for translating data between parallel and serial forms. Finally LCD is used to display the output. The schematic diagram and pin configuration of individual components are neatly explained in the coming sections.

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