Renewable Energy Technology Management Promoting Village Project Report

The objective of this Renewable Energy Technology Management Promoting Village Project Report contains the analysis between the technology and the society concerned. The report prepared using structured group discussions with villagers.

It includes the use of different techno-social aspect as a tool in the development of the Gasifier project in the Radhapur. This project presents a chronological description of the events that have taken place in development of the gasifier technology for electricity generation in the village for its development.

Chapter I consist of Introduction which provides the context of the village profile, approaches and activities of the project. It also describes the three phases of the projects along with their achievements.

Chapter II is about the TECHNOLOGY SELECTION which starts with answering the reason for selecting Gasifier technology for Radhapur and ends with describing the technology and its capacity. Chapter III is the Methodology section, it is most significant of all, as it describes about “Techno-Social Intervention” which is the important phase of the project.

This chapter highlights the various issues visualized at different phases of the project and tries to answer them in a very socio-economic and rational manner and realize the actual view of society towards the development of technology.

The achievements and success section is Chapter IV, which gives the brief of the achievements and success achieved so far in providing electricity to the villagers, certain innovative ideas for efficient maintenance of Plant load and promotion of enterprise for the overall sustainable development. The report concludes with the lesson learnt from this tiny part of the overall big project.


The outcome of this report would benefit the readers with the learning’s of the Techno-social intervention in any rural development program.

This report enables various possible value addition of the pooled produce in such a way so as to fetch the best possible component of the technology. The basic strategy adopted here is collectivization of the villagers and making them understand the aim of the program.

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