Non Conventional Sources of Energy Mechanical Project Ideas

Introduction to the Non Conventional Sources of Energy:

The industrial revolution of the 19th century brought in a lot of discoveries. These discoveries were also linked to natural resources like coal, oil etc. man in his greed for growth oversaw the fact that these resources are exhaustible and cause unchecked environmental damage. Overtime the burning of these fuels resulted in pollution and beckons us to look for alternate energy resources.

This Project “Non Conventional Sources of Energy Mechanical Project Ideas” explains the large amount of sustainable sources that the country is endowed with. These non-conventional energy forms can be used for power generation without causing any pollution. It also throws on how these sources can be utilized and proposes programs that can use these energy sources to its optimum level.


The foremost energy mentioned in the Project Non-conventional sources of energy is wind energy. This technology involves using turbines that convert mechanical motion into electricity. Another important source is biomass energy that has high potential in meeting up to 50% of the country’s requirements. Sources of biomass include agricultural wastes, cattle dung etc.

The most important source is solar energy esp. in a tropical country like India. The Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) allows direct conversion of solar energy into electricity and can be used to a host of devices. Other sources that could be tapped to generate power include geothermal energy, ocean thermal and tidal energy, hydrogen and fuel cells and bio-fuels.


To harness these renewable energy resources, a long term policy should be formulated and implemented. An agency can be established under TEDA for faster clearance of renewable energy products. To ensure people participation, awareness and promotion should be done. Also, R&D departments must be given full support. Emphasis should be put on the fact that these are energy efficient technologies and if used appropriately is the best way of energy generation.

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