EEE Project Report On Advances In Renewable Energy Source

This EEE Project Report On Advances In Renewable Energy Source  study of renewable energy sources is an important topic in the field of the combustion science. Aim of this report is to report some preliminary results concerning the solar, wind, bio-fuels, geothermal energy & their commercialization.

Power deregulation, which resulted in restructuring of the power industry, and shortage of transmission line capacities have led to increased interest in the use of distributed generation (DG) sources, mainly at the distribution level near load centers, for support of the utility grid. Moreover, technological advances in renewable (wind, solar) and other alternative energy DG (AEDG) sources, e.g. micro turbines and fuel cells, coupled with environmental concerns over the use of conventional steam power plants have developed especial interest in their use. However, because of the non-dispatch able nature of renewable energy and slow nature of some alternative energy power generation sources, e.g. fuel cells, multi-source operation of these sources and/or their parallel operation with a storage device is necessary to make their operation more reliable. This paper discusses the need for multi-source operation of AEDGs. It reviews four different AEDG sources – wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), micro turbine, and fuel cells – and discusses their multi- source operation for better power management and reliability.

EEE Project Report On Advances In Renewable Energy Source Conclusion:

Recent advances in renewable energy technologies indicate they may have a significant role as a future source of energy supply. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding current renewable energy technologies, in particular that fossil fuels are running out, that increased renewable energy use will reduce on imported energy and that renewable energy, by the simple fact of being renewable, is always more environmentally friendly. Deeper exploration of these issues reveals much uncertainty of future conditions. Faced with such uncertainty, broad based market mechanisms are likely to provide the best means to achieve desired environmental outcomes and to stimulate further development of clean technologies. There is a danger that prescriptive approaches could lock the economy into a high cost emissions reduction path.

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