Technical Seminar Topic for ECE Students on Renewable Sources of Energy with Report

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Renewable Sources of Energy:

The main objective of this paper is to educate the people about the use of fuel cells in the production of energy through renewable sources. Due to rapid extinction of the present available energy sources we need to find an alternate way for the energy so the ultimate option for the replacement of non renewable resources are the sustainable energy sources comes from the nature, due to its abundance in nature and cleaner than the fossil fuel are to be utilized properly, the major advantage is these energy sources are replenished by the nature constantly with in shorter span of time.

The various forms of renewable energy are hydro energy, wind energy, solar energy, bio mass energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, wave energy, bio fuel. So far solar energy is earth most reliable and highly available energy source so we need to convert the conventional solar energy into electricity by using fuel cells.

These conversion plants are known as photo voltaic plants i.e. PV plants. These fuel cells are one kind of electric cell which converts the hydrogen or hydrogen based fuels into electrical energy directly, these fuel cells uses hydrogen as their input fuel, the entire electro chemical reaction is clearly explained in the coming sections, now a day’s these fuel cells are intensively used in commercial applications, and these cells created a new dimension in the production of a neat and clean electrical energy.

 In this paper we presented a brief summary about the origin, chemical composition, advantages and challenges facing by these fuel cells in recent days. These cells are gaining reputation in residential power production and they can be used as portable power suppliers. These are highly reliable and most effective devices. And finally in order meet the increasing demand on electricity these fuel cells are the primary choice for the generation authorities.

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