Remote Controlled Multipurpose Robotic Vehicle ECE Seminar Report

This paper presents a new concept “remote controlled multipurpose robotic vehicle”, in the field of industrial robotics these robots had found applications in product inspection and security where high endurance with speed and precision is required. This robotics is most emerging technology I recent days and a rapid advancement of this technology had invented many kinds of robots like humanoids, moving robots based on robot arm, car robots, monitoring robots.

This electromagnetic device operates under three categories, they are manual, semi automatic, fully automatic. Here we make use of dc rives or stepper motors for the mechanical movements of the robots, in manual operation the commands are given by the user are directly given to the robot, in semi automatic operations sum actions are performed without taking commands from the user, and in fully automatic condition i.e. an virtual based mechanism the operations are performed automatically in an predefined manner. 

In our project we dealt with automatic control, multipurpose, reprogrammable a virtual robot used for automation applications, here an re programmable multipurpose manipulator is designed to perform the mechanical movements of the robot,

The major components of this project are RF Transmitter used for short range remote controls, valve-regulated lead-acid battery for the supply of high specific power density, RF Receiver  to  receive the commands from the micro controller , micro Controller used to control the mechanical directions for the robot and guides it, low power electromagnetic Relay is used to provide switch control operations, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)  coated with Polyester paint are used for external cladding and insulation purposes, Coil Springs/helical spring are used for the storage of kinetic energy for subsequent use, DC Motors or steeper motor as the drivers for the robot placed at their wheels, wireless Camera with LED indicator lamp. The construction and its working with its implementation and results are clearly explained in the coming sections. These systems find applications in security, defense as bomb squad, and navigational systems. 

Download Remote Controlled Multipurpose Robotic Vehicle ECE Seminar Report.

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