ECE Major Project Idea on Relay Coordination with Project Report

Introduction to Relay Coordination with Project:

This paper addresses the design and implementation and the importance of relay coordination in an electrical system, the proper operation of an electrical system depends on the coordination of relay system to a greater extent, when  an electrical system under faulty conditions the protective device has to be operated successfully, in every electrical system circuit breakers are the major protective devices which operates based on relays, relays are electrically operated switches using electromagnetic phenomenon, so in high power distributions these relays are to be operated effectively, so proper coordination with the protective devices may facilitates accurate fault detection and eradication.

With an intent to provide Proper application and coordination of over current relays in an electrical system we implemented this project, relay coordination can be done by proper plug setting and time multiplication setting, here in this project we discuss about the operation principles of relays basically relays operates under two principles, Electromagnetic attraction, Electromagnetic induction.

The electromagnetic attraction relays are actuated by dc or ac currents, the types of electromagnetic relays are attracted armature type relay, Solenoid type relay, Balanced beam type relay.

And the electromagnetic relays operates based on the principle of induction motors, these are not operated under dc quantities, the various types of induction relays are Shaded-pole structure, Watt-hour-meter structure, Induction cup structure.

The operation of these relays are discussed individually in the coming sections, the coordination of relays elements has to be made with an intent to attain high sensitivity conditions, the measuring functions are made by an analog/binary signal converting measuring element which has an fixed output level.

This output signal is amplified in the output element, for these operations the power supply is given by the feed element usually it is from mains or from an external battery. Finally by implementing all these required conditions we will achieve a highly accurate, less operational speed, low power consumption relays.  

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