Real Time Monitoring of High Capacity (400kva-600kva)Battery Back Up System Project Report

The design and implementation of a microcontroller-based power monitoring system is presented I this paper, the objective of this project is to provide the user in monitoring the varying electrical parameters like voltage, frequency, current at various locations the entire  electrical or electronic system, these  power monitoring systems are  designed for controlling heavy industrial equipments, our latest technology gives an complete information on power analysis like  determining the power consumption rates , power fluctuations, harmonic interference, and flickering effects in the electrical systems. In this project an 80C31 microcontroller is used to control this monitoring system.

The micro controller is like a computer on chip, can performs various operations those are performed by an conventional CPU, the micro controller operates based on bit handling instructions, this system comprises of an analog multiplexer with 8 input terminals, analog to digital converter is used with EPROM, RAM and display unit.

An 8-bit analog signal is feed to the analog multiplexer from multiplexer to A/D converter where it is converted into digital form, the micro controller controls the operations based on the program initialized in the EPROM, here the EPROM acts an storage device which is auxiliary to the RAM, we use the LCD for displaying the converted digital information driven by the supply through mains,  the supply from mains is step down into 9v ac by using an  step down transformer and converted into 5v dc using abridge rectifier, in order to minimize the load fluctuations a regulator IC 7805 is used to provide a constant 5V dc  voltage,  our circuit can monitor the power utilities to a range 400KVA  to 600KVA.

The circuit assembly with their pin configurations is clearly explained in the below sections, apart from the high cost of LCD’s this device had several advantages, it is an effective monitoring system available in present market, this system not only controls the varying parameters in the electrical circuit but also it forecasts the future upcoming consequences based up on the present values.  It is robust, reliable and highly efficient than other monitoring systems.

Download  Real Time Monitoring of High Capacity (400kva-600kva)Battery Back Up System Project Report.

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