Software License Monitoring System Project Report

Introduction to Software License Monitoring System Project:

The project is on the software licensing monitoring system which is used to have a proper maintenance on the inventory control of different kinds of software licenses that usually an organization have. This system helps in keeping the details like the number of licenses of softwares, number of the license, key of the license, kind of license, its validity, users it have etc. these details are required by hardware engineers who preferred to maintain and store these data.

The software that is installed in a system roll back when the work of the software finishes. The date is expired and rollbacks alert will be forwarded to the person concerned with this project. It further helps the organization to control and maintain the usage of the software.


Addition of license to the software that already exists

Addition of new software licensing

Updating of license that is installed

Rollback update of the license

Rollback alert

Limit of usage alert of the license

Expiry alert of the license

Validity of the installed license 

The requirements include:

2003, XP and Windows 2000 for operating system. The language used is JSP and the back end is Ms Access. This is a useful system and the users can highly benefit from it.

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