ECE Minor Project Report on Design Of Cmut Using Comsol And Coventerware

Introduction to Design Of Cmut Using Comsol And Coventerware Minor Project:

This paper presents about the designing and modeling of Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) using Micro electro- mechanical systems (MEMS) software, converter ware. The origin of these Micro electro- mechanical systems came through the advancement of nanotechnologies, in the field of bio technology and communications.

These are formed by the integration of electronic and mechanical components on the single chip; these devices are cost effective with low power consumption, and better performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency, MEMS does not stand for a single application or a single device these have advantages of miniaturization, and multiple devices are designed and constructed on a single integrated electro-mechanical system. These micro machines are made up of components between. 0.001 to 0.1 mm and these MEMS devices generally vary in size from 20 micro meters to 1mm.

The fabrication of MEMS was detail explained in the coming sections, while coming to CMUT, CMUT is an array of elements which is used to generate and for detection of ultrasonic waves.

CMUT is a parallel plate capacitor with two electrodes one is a movable metalized electrode and the other fixed substrate electrode the medium between these dielectric, the CMUT is operated in two operational modes one transmitter mode to generate the ultrasonic waves the and the other is receiver mode for detecting the wave radiations, these MEMS find applications in Communications Satellites, Healthcare¸ Automotive, vibration sensors, Light reflectors, Accelerometers (for airbags, pacemakers) in auto mobile industry.

MEMS gyroscope used in navigational system maintains greater accuracy than any other, these devices have greater functionality in mechanical components,  implementing these IC technology in mechanical systems had became a new dimension in the field of manufacturing technology ,these system are rooted into the modern Aerospace technology and  biotechnology. Implementing Finite element analysis in MEMS we can attain high rates in simulation, prototyping, and testing multiple devices.

Download  ECE Minor Project Report on Design Of Cmut Using Comsol And Coventerware.

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