Project Report On Real Time Operation Of Circuit Breakers

This Project Report On Real Time Operation Of Circuit Breakers addresses two important issues: a) how improved CB monitoring may be implemented in real-time, and b) what would be the benefits of such an implementation.

Circuit Breakers (CBS) are very important elements in the network. They are used to control other devices within and out-of-service switches. Breakers must be reliable, because their false cause significant problems with the network operation and control to protect. The current practice of monitoring circuit breaker operation and status in real time is the use of remote terminal units (RTU) of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to evaluate CB-reduced state. More detailed information about the control loop performance can be gained testers usually for maintenance diagnostics by CB. The results in this paper are from two research projects sponsored by Center point Energy and DOE-CERT in the development of software for the automated analysis of data from CB and the other to be financed out of the development of the CB data acquisition unit or target. The paper focuses on a prototypical implementation of a real time-CB-monitoring system described. The system consists of a new CB IED monitoring of data collection, gathered in the breaker and information about the operation in real time. The CB-PC files on the concentrator, where the application software enables the automatic analysis and makes an assessment of the operational status of the transfer switch. The software is based on signal processing and expert system processing. Application example based on actual field data is discussed, the report ends with some conclusions, acknowledgments and a list of references.

Project Report On Real Time Operation Of Circuit Breakers Conclusion:

The new CBMA system for real-time monitoring and assessment of circuit breaker operations provides for better understanding of condition and operating performance of each individual breaker by monitoring and analyzing expanded set of analog and digital signals from circuit breaker control circuitry.

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