Solider Monitoring System Electronics Final Year Project Report

The national security of the country depends on the army and for they should provide a better security system for the soldiers to safeguard them from the enemies. In this paper we will see a solider monitoring system which safe guards the soldier from the enemies and communicates the information of the soldier. This device is present in the jacket of the soldier and it contains a GPS system for tracking the position of the soldier and  sensors are present which looks into the health of the soldier and a GSM enabled phone is present for communicating.

Brief on the design of monitoring system:

Here we find a soldier unit which is present in his jacket and a base unit consists of server which is located at the army office. In the base unit a GSM modem is present for enabling the transmission and reception process from the monitoring system present at the soldier. We will use Zigbee protocol system for making the communication and it is best suited for network functionalities. 

A PIC18F452 microcontroller is used for controlling the devices and to give response accordingly. A heart beat sensor is placed in the system which measure the heart beat of the soldier. For connecting the components we will use max232 cable as it can drive the message given the pic microcontroller. ADC converter is used for converting the data given from components to the microcontroller. The entire unit is provide with a 5V dc power supply.

Advantages of using Soldier monitoring system:

By using this device we can track the positions of the soldiers and we can guide them when they enter enemy field. It give the health status of the soldiers so we can provide medical assistance. Thus we can conclude that these kinds of devices are very helpful for ensuring security to the soldiers.

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