Secure Mobile Agent Final Year Btech Seminar Technical

Secure Mobile Agent Final Year Btech Seminar Technical allows intelligent operation with less human interaction in software system. A big challenge to deployment of mobile agents to prevent unauthorized access to resources between interacting systems can act maliciously both as host or agent. In a heterogeneous computing environment, a secure mobile agent system has the ability for transmission and secure management of mobile agents. It provides security managers for the users.

Mobile agent is the latest discussion in the domain of distributed system. This agent technology allows in designing innovative solution by complementing other method simply by including code mobility, improved network, machine based intelligence, and data management possibilities.

Motivation and Approach for Mobile Agents: Mobile software agents can realize interconnections between data sources as proactive components. With respect to security, flexibility and data compression, mobile agents offer the optimum solution with their benefits.

A mobile agent is defined as a program migration from host to host in a network of heterogeneous computer systems. It fulfills the task of its owner. It works autonomously and communicates with host systems and other agents. Migration of agents depends on an infrastructure that provides the necessary services in the computer network. This infrastructure is a set of agent servers that run on nodes.

Goals of mobile agent system: The agent has to identify, trust, and communicate in a secure fashion. The code should be transmitted. The execution host must restrict the actions of the mobile code. An agent system must be authenticated.


From the above discussion, mobile agent plays an important role in designing mobile agent system security. It may be concluded that mobile agents are not yet secured enough. The complete mobile agent systems security is dominated by the policy certificates depending on the agents and hosts verification. The mobile agents will become the integral part of the today’s commercial market within a short period of time.

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