Java Projects for MCA on Intra Communication Software Project

This world needs commutation, with communication we are not surviving the places, and commutation is major role of every human life. Communication is developed using the talking and sharing the information using the media like mass media or class media. The telephone caller need to talk with one or more persons using the conference should be possible. Conference is nothing but to involve the discussion two or more person at a time and sharing through and view, this concept Intra-communication is developed.

This is nothing but communication between two or more persons with in organisation. Normally lot of big developed company they have communicate between one branches to different branch using the intercommunication. The tools is contains the user. What kind employee designation the y do this divide the list. Every user need must Id and password. To fill the forum name, designation, address, age, unique number of the organisational profile is contain the all the personal details, education information, id number is displayed.

The tool is working with under the administrator. Administration is developed the daily wise reports are generated and stored in hard drives. Every profile interact with the admin and the taking care response of the all the users who are in the organisation, chat room contains the list of the users who are online and offline, list of sub room, telling who place their chatting with each other users.

The address book is contain all the users and checking the statue of the users and which the users are not working. The Report panel is all the details of the chat rooms, who are on the conference, Generating the reports like day, week, month and yearly wise developed.

 This tools is display the user of the organisation visible or invisible mode, tools id developed using the script side programming. User need to log in the system the administration maintain he database .The database contain all information on employee.

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