Online National Polling Project in Java

Introduction to Online National Polling Project:

The project deals with the on line national polling the goal system is a system which enables all citizens to cast their vote online. The system is to increase the voting percentage across the country, in the present day situation the voters used to visit the Booth to vote and those people who live out of their home town they used to send their vote by the post some people will send and some people will not due to their insufficient time and somebody will send but the postman will be late some time, due to this the voting percentage will be less across the country. Through this software those people who live out of their home town will also be able to cast their votes as this system is on line.


The software produced will be an online voting system.

The software will be used by citizens to cast their vote on line.

The main aim of this project is to increase the overall voting percentage. Through this software people get their voter-id card easily and a unique-id number.

Each and every citizens database will be maintained.


HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used to design static web pages.

EJB: Enterprise Java Beans.

J2EE: it is a programming platform for developing and running distributed architecture Java applications.

DB2: This is a database management system that delivers a flexible and cost effective database platform to build robust on demand.

WAS: Web sphere application server is an application server that runs business application and supports the J2EE and web service standards.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser and a web server.

HTTPS: secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL(secure socket layer).


J2EE: Application architecture

DB2: Database

WAS: Web server

Rational: Design tool

 Download Online National Polling Project in Java.

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