SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

The chief objective of the project lies in creating a website that helps the passenger to reserve online air tickets via an efficient and simple GUI. Not only booking tickets but also comparing online fares from a city to another, is made easy for the passenger. 

Intended Audience: 

  • This project mainly aims at the people with a desire to travel by air and an Internet access.
  • Secondly, it targets people equipped with hand-held devices as the site would be made a WAP-enabled. That would allow the site to receive requests from other optional devices such as PDA’s and WAP-enabled browsers.
  • Thirdly, the passengers eager to compare the airfares for their opted source and destination cities are targeted. 

Cool features of our site: 

  1. Dynamic Bandwidth Calculation: By calculating the user’s bandwidth, the user is redirected to Graphical Version or Text-Version, as per his bandwidth.
  2. Sitemap: A sitemap of the whole site is offered for the easy access of the site. It involves all the links of the pages on the basis of the utility of the pages.
  3. Flash Images of Flights: Flight detail images have been created along with flash to highlight the seating arrangement of the flight. It helps the passenger know the seating arrangement, emergency exit doors and toilet particulars prior to entering the flight.
  4. Airport Layouts: The details of the airport layouts beforehand help the passengers in collecting their tickets directly instead of wasting time in searching for the counter.
  5. Points Based System: The regular customers are given concessions on the basis of the points they score by shopping on the site. 

The technologies used for designing the website include Server Technologies like Web server and Database server and Software Technologies like Java Server Pages, Java Beans etc.

Download SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System.

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  1. Booking system a reservation system you configure so your members or employees can find out where resources are, who is using them and then book ..

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