Comprehensive Training and Placement Operations Java Project

Comprehensive training and placement operations is an online application for training and placement cell of a college that can be accessed throughout the college and outside the college with a login provided. It is designed using java scripts for client side scripting, java as programming language, oracle as backend. The hardware requirements include a processor Pentium IV with a hard disk of 40GB and RAM of 256MB.

The existing system is a time delaying process. Entire data is maintained in the databases in form of excel sheets. When a person needs a record he has to search all the sheets, it doesn’t provide multi user accessibility and doesn’t have all the user privileges. So the system is not accessible by all the employees of organization.

The proposed system is an online system and it over comes all the difficulties faced in traditional old systems. In this the system allows multidivisional handling that includes various activities, allows administrator to control all the activities hence identifying the roles and accessibility of other users, accurate information can generated in a very little time. It has modules like  

  • Admin users
  • Reports
  • Normal users
  • Members

Admin users: responsible for creating, modifying and deleting a member, training and placement operations, admin can view the training and placement operations list and generate the reports. 

 Reports: all reports can be viewed, printed, exported, faxed or emailed.

Normal users: these have restricted access. They can view placements, search for different trainings, post queries etc.

Members: members can view details about training and placements, can send mails to admin etc.

 Download Comprehensive Training and Placement Operations Java Project .

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